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             My Family History in the United                                  States Military

I come from a long line of military members on both sides of my family.  My Father served in the Army and Army Reserves for a total of 13 years.  Both of my Grandfathers served one in the Marine Corps. and the other in the Air Force.

I have two Uncles on my Mom's side that served in the Marine Corps.  My Uncle Dave, a full bird Colonel, is an Iraqi War Veteran.  My Brother and Cousin, currently serve in the United States Marine Corp., one in Romania and the other at New River.

I also have Great Uncles that were Vietnam War Veterans.  Both serving in the Army. And my Great Great Uncle Richard is a World War II Veteran.

My family history goes all the way back to the creators of this Country with family serving in the Revolutionary War.  AND yes, I recently found out that I am a distant relative of John Hancock, signer of the Declaration of Independence.  So, how could I go wrong with a genealogy like this.

Soon I will be enlisting in the United States Army and pursuing my goal in the MP's.  I look forward to keeping this long family military history going for years to come.